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laundry drops


you can’t technically bottle love, but if you could, this would be it. this anti-fungal, essential oil-based, love-and-light bomb infuses dirty laundry (hey, we all got it) with a sense and scents of hope and joy that clears out mental and energetic dust bunnies so you know every little thing’s gonna be ight… and smell f’ing good.

pssst… you get 59 loads of laundry per bottle! each 1-ounce bottle contains approximately 600 drops. we recommend using 10 drops per cycle in your washer for 59 loads per bottle. for the dryer, use 5 drops per load for 120 loads total. (for context, your average 32-ounce laundry freshener does only 32 loads.)

bonus: this anti-fungal, antibacterial formula doubles as a yoga mat cleaner when diluted with water.

made with love, light and no fuck you’s.

1 fl oz | 30 ml (~600 drops)

  • no. 33 aroma + energy.


    juicy, crisp brightness grounded in fresh herbal notes and cool zestiness. little bit sweet, little bit wild, a whole lotta let’s get this bliss started.


    brightens your space with hope, happiness, curiosity and divine creativity, while tapping that third chakra (aka your personal power source).

  • when.

    • washer: add up to 10 drops with a capful of vinegar to your fabric softener dispenser.
    • dryer: add 4 to 5 drops on a wooly ball or dryer sheet.

    pro tips.
    • make your own detergent: mix into a bottle of unscented detergent, adjusting drops to desired scent.
    • make your own fabric softener: add 20 to 30 drops to 1 gallon of white vinegar + shake. add 1 cup to rinse cycle for large loads or 1/2 cup for small loads

  • ingredients.

    potent essential oils inside.
    • pink grapefruit
    • sweet orange
    • lemongrass
    • rosemary

  • reviews.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Regina Townsend
    Funk off

    Great for yucky laundry.

    RH, Los Angeles

    I’m a celebrity massage therapist and I’ve been using these drops in the dryer on a wooly ball with my massage sheets and they come out smelling amazing. It gives so many great aromatherapy benefits during my massages and people love it.


    So bright and happy! All of my towels smell like this now so it’s like an extra burst of motivation after my morning shower.

    Danielle, Atlanta

    Your products are awesome. The room spray is very elegant & a perfect smell. The one for the bathroom is awesome, too! It really works.