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perfect alibi

perfect alibi
perfect alibi
perfect alibi

perfect alibi

bowl spray


this sweet, in-your-face formula literally brings your A-game to the loo. our anti-fungal lavender-peppermint-geranium blend helps increase energy, focus, mood and motivation. it’s literally the “shit or get off the pot” attitude adjustment you need to do your business and move the f out.

powered by the most deliciously potent lavender and geranium essential oils, this hero formula will help preserve your reputation when shit gets real.

with ~1000 sprays per bottle + 5 spritzes per poo break, you’ll get 200 poo breaks in every bottle.

made with love, light and no fuck you’s.

ships in three weeks.

4 fl oz | 120 mL

  • no. 71 aroma + energy.


    relaxing, soothing and sweet notes of lavender and geranium with a bright and gently distracting “nothing to see here” floral finish (it’s called the peacemaker, after all)


    amps up energy, focus, mood and motivation while powering up that first chakra (aka your survival center, health, wealth)

  • when.


    pre-poo, spray 3 to 5 spritzes into toilet before shit gets real.

  • ingredients.

    potent essential oils inside.
    • lavender
    • peppermint
    • geranium
    • grain alcohol, glycerin, distilled water

  • reviews.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Danielle, Atlanta

    Your products are awesome. The room spray is very elegant & a perfect smell. The one for the bathroom is awesome, too! It really works.


    I love this because it smells beautiful enough to just spray even when you’ve got nothing to hide lol.